As we all know, a phobia is an unreasonable fear that creates a large level of discomfort. In reality, the phobia/fear, is usually something that causes little to no danger, but is met with enormous anxiety, worry and sometimes terror. Some common fears are, snakes, spiders, fear of closed in spaces and heights. Many phobias develop in childhood, but phobias can develop at any time, over the course of one’s life.

Oftentimes, phobias are met with avoidance. This may work for some individuals, but for others, facing their phobia head-on is the most practical solution. A person who is fearful of heights may want to avoid bridges or entering high buildings, but with someone living in a large city, this may be difficult. With this individual, he/she would need to address their phobia in order to release the anxiety and the automatic fear that can be very overwhelming.
Many techniques have been used to help with phobias. Overcoming fears hypnosis has a great track record as a therapeutic tool and not only does it work well, but the results are quicker than other modalities. Many individuals feel a sense of relief with their phobias, in as little as 3 sessions.

If your phobia is holding you back and controlling your life, hypnosis may be the answer you’ve been searching for.

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Leah Fairchild-McNeill, MBA, M.Psy   Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach

Leah Fairchild-McNeill,
MBA, M.Psy

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach

Offering Hypnotherapy, Relationship Counseling and Wellness Coaching, in a safe, caring and non-judgmental environment.